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Welcome to the winning team in greener gardening....


Vital Earth are a friendly family owned company nestled in the Derbyshire Dales.
We have around 30 staff all dedicated to providing quality service and product, while championing environmental issues.

We use a bespoke process that harnesses nature and technology to create a range of organic, composts, fertilisers, mulches, soil improvers and plant food, which are of a consistently high quality.


The Process

Learn more about how we Process, green and kitchen waste, reducing Britain’s landfill while providing peat-free, organic, UK sourced environmentally friendly growing media.


If you already know Vital Earth, you’ll know just what a winner the leading peat-free brand has become – both in terms of sales and in terms of awards. More and more consumers are moving over to peat free, especially recycled garden waste peat-free, which helps reduce landfill as well as reducing carbon emissions. Just so long as it performs as well in the garden of course - as Vital Earth’s products do! And many more satisfied customers now know that, including Which Gardening? Gardeners’ World and a host of other consumer and retail acknowledgements, awards and endorsements.


Virtuous CircleThe fact is Vital Earth GB Ltd is now the leading producer of peat free composts in the UK and makes the largest range of peat free products including compost, fertilizers and soil improvers.


Keen prices and lively promotions!

Over the last few years, Vital Earth has really livened up the compost market. Bright, cheerful, informative packaging, a dynamic website combined with keen, realistic pricing and a refreshing approach to customer service add up to a real ‘come buy me’ formula. Our area sales managers are lively and enthusiastic; they know their products and they want to help you sell them successfully.


They are offering a feast of autumn promotions to get compost, mulch and soil improver sales moving, followed by great spring and summer deals as the season gets going. All you have to do is ask for details.


Peat-free and peat-reduced – together!

We all know that Government directives will mean everyone uses peat-free by 2020 and more and more end users are moving over to peat-free and discovering that today’s blends are really good. But not everyone has yet made the move, so some retailers are not yet confident to stock peat-free solus and move away from peat-based completely. If you are one of those retailers – anxious to move forward, but not sure how - Vital Earth is the perfect company to talk to.


Recently Vital Earth joined forces with Bord Na Mona who now run our retail sales operation throughout the UK. Bord Na Mona’s own brand known as Growise, is a top quality blend of an ever-reducing amount of peat with an ever-increasing amount of green waste. It’s the result of Bord Na Mona’s ‘Contract With Nature’ which guarantees that no more peat bogs will be opened and those that already have been will be restored to areas of natural beauty and habitat.


The partnership has been really successful with lots more customers stocking peat-free Vital Earth and peat-reduced Growise side by side. It’s the perfect one stop shop for green gardening – two award-winning brands working together. So wherever you are, as a retailer, grower, landscaper or green roofer on the road to peat-free composts, fertilisers and soil improvers, we have the solution.


Time to join Vital Earth’s award-winning team!


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Waste ManagementWaste Management

The £10m site at Ashbourne,
demonstrates Vital Earth’s
commitment to producing
exceptional quality organic, peat free and chemical free growing media.


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Green Roof ProductsGreen Roof Products

We have developed a range of growing media for Green Roofs, as we recognise both the positive impacts of these projects and the benefits a flourishing green roof offers.


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Vital Earth work in partnership with WRAP to encourage and enable businesses and consumers to be more efficient in their use of materials and recycle more things more often.


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